The problem with the discourse situation in America is capitalism. You can make a lot of money by being an assassin. A lot of money. It doesn’t matter if you’re right wing or left wing, alright? If you’re in and you’re a hater: radio, cable, in print, whatever. You get paid.

People do that. They go in, they don’t even believe half the stuff they say. They just rip it up. And they get paid a lot of money. And that has coursed into everything. They’re phonies. Um, and, capitalism drives that.

There are people, Americans, who want to hear hate, and they hear it. That is just blowing it all up. There are no rules on the internet. None. Go listen to these comments - after this program, I’m sure there will be chat rooms about this. Wait till you see the comments, wait till you see them, alright?

And that - it’s not coming back, either. It’s not going to get any better. But we have to live with it. Freedom of speech.

Bill O’Reilly

Video of police brutalizing defenseless, unarmed protestors lying on the ground from yesterday’s NATO summit. 

If You Enjoy The Hunger Games.

I want you to ask yourself why. Does the thought of a justified and unified people rising up against a corrupt and tyrannical government naturally appeal to you? I think that idea appeals to most people, there’s something about the human spirit that relishes in revolution.

In America you live in a country that has killed more than a hundred thousand human beings in the past 10 years overseas. A nation that has continually, violently enforced our beliefs onto older and more successful cultures. A nation that has created multinational corporations that employ children on slave wages and give them cocaine and meth to make them work faster. A nation that is continually suppressing the movements of the people expressing their first amendment rights, most times with extremely excessive violence. A democracy in which the people’s voices have continually been overshadowed by corporate lobbyists and money. 

But there is hope. We are on the cusp of something incredible in America right now. Our very own Mockingjay is about to begin. Occupations all over the nation have lasted through the winter and are planning incredible things for the spring. In May, Chicago will be the apex of a revolution that will be written in history books that our children will read in their fully funded, completely reformed schools. 

If you enjoyed the Hunger Games, if you strive for justice and love and equality and freedom in your every day lives, reach out to your local occupation and make history happen in real life. Occupy is not a political group, you do not have to be a conservative or liberal or even educated at all about any of that. Occupy is a place for people to take America’s democracy back. 

The odds are ever in our favor. They’re 99 to 1. 

Occupiers and Police clashed tonight in Chicago in a Solidarity march against the Police Brutality on Saturday night in New York. The march went very well, as occupiers continually took the streets and marched through the busiest areas of Chicago’s downtown.2, 4, 6, 8! FUCK THIS POLICE STATE!

Occupiers and Police clashed tonight in Chicago in a Solidarity march against the Police Brutality on Saturday night in New York. The march went very well, as occupiers continually took the streets and marched through the busiest areas of Chicago’s downtown.


NYPD calls Peaceful Occupiers Terrorists, Compares Occupy to 9/11 in Press Release

New York Times is Wrong: NYPD Lawfully Thwarts Terror & Suppresses Violence

The New York Times is wrong in claiming in an editorial that the NYPD overstepped constitutional guarantees in protecting New Yorkers from violent crime and terrorism.

The Times continues to ignore the fact that the NYPD operates under a judicial federal accord in protecting New Yorkers against terrorism.

The Police Department also lawfully stops and questions individuals acting suspiciously and, in doing so, has dramatically reduced murders in the city’s most violent-prone neighborhoods.


In intelligence gathering, the NYPD adheres to set of federal guidelines known as the Handschu consent decree, which were approved and promulgated by a federal judge.

The guidelines recognize that the NYPD must be proactive in the investigation of terrorism. They begin with the statement of a general principle which says:

“In its effort to anticipate or prevent unlawful activity, including terrorist acts, the NYPD must, at times, initiate investigations in advance of unlawful conduct.

“The NYPD is authorized to visit any place and attend any event that is open to the public” and “to conduct online search activity and to access online sites and forums on the same terms… as members of the public.”

The Department is further authorized to “prepare general reports and assessments… for purposes of strategic or operational planning.”

Those who intimate that it is unlawful for the Police Department to search online or map neighborhoods have either not read, misunderstood, or intentionally obfuscated the meaning of the Handschu guidelines.


Before 9/11, there were terrorist attacks in each of the decades of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, including the first attack on the World Trade Center. There have been no successful attacks in the past ten years. It’s not as if would-be terrorists aren’t trying. To the contrary, they’ve attempted to kill New Yorkers in 14 different plots, among them, two homegrown plots in 2011.

In May, the NYPD arrested Ahmed Ferhani and Mohammed Mamdouh, after Ferhani purchased firearms, ammunition, and a hand grenade from an undercover officer. Ferhani said he wanted to bomb a synagogue in Manhattan. Ferhani and Mamdouh are now in custody charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism and other crimes.

In November, the NYPD stopped another homegrown plot with the arrest of Jose Pimentel at his home in Washington Heights. Pimentel had spoken openly of his plans to attack post offices, police vehicles, and returning soldiers.

An NYPD undercover officer, working the JTTF in New Jersey was also responsible
For the arrest of two Jersey residents who tried to join terrorist overseas for training with the intent, in the words of one of them, to return to the US to “commit Jihad” here.


NYPD critics also erroneously assert that the police are racially biased in making stops, ignoring the fact that we focus police resources where spikes in violent crime are the highest, and where last year 96% of shooting victims were minorities, mainly young men of color.


NYPD tactics made a difference. Last year, murders in Brooklyn North fell by 16%. That’s almost four times the citywide rate of decline. Among African-American men between the ages of 16 and 37 in neighborhoods where NYPD/ Church Coalition churches are located the decrease was even more dramatic: 33%.


The critics also ignore the NYPD’s own diversity. In 2006, for the first time in our history, the rank of police officer became majority minority, with more black, Hispanic, and Asian officers than white. In December we graduated a Police Academy class of almost 1,600 officers. They came from 58 different countries and speak 62 languages. In January, we hired an equally diverse class of 900 recruits.

(Source: occupychi)