House of Leaves

I went to Half Priced Books today and spent pretty much my entire tax refund, which is like 49 bucks. That equals like 10 books there. Anyway, one of them is House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. 

I am really really going to enjoy this book. I love it so much more since I got it from a used book store. It’s about an old man who dies and in his apartment they find this book he wrote about a documentary called The Navidson Record and through this book he pretty much goes crazy and everybody who reads it goes crazy and the introduction warns you that you will probably go crazy reading it. Anyway I’m reading it and I can see that somebody has written in the margins in sharpie little notes on some pages and the weird thing is that it actually bled through to the other side. Now, whether this is just an aspect of the publisher or an actual note from the book’s previous owner I have no idea. And that is fucking awesome. It adds so much to the folklore of this story I can’t even tell you.

Oh and by the way, this book describes  The Navidson Record in great detail, even though the actual documentary doesn’t exist. So I’m super super inspired to actually go out and make a short or feature even through these descriptions Blair Witch style. I can see the shots I would use as I read it. I’m so excited to go on this journey.

Be prepared to be hearing a lot more about this book as I progress through it. It’s like 700 pages long so it’s gonna take up a lot of my mind for a while.