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Can somebody please tell me?

When did it unanimously become cool to always hate what the general public is doing, or even more-so, what a small group of people are passionately doing.

The Guy Fawkes mask is a sign of hope, rebellion and freedom from oppressive powers. It symbolizes “V”. Yes, most people don’t know what Guy Fawkes did and that proves more that he isn’t the fucking reason people wear the mask. 

This is the guy:

This is the mask…


Nobody wears this mask to demonstrate their feelings about how America needs a Catholic theocracy. They wear this mask to demonstrate their feelings about how America needs a revolution, and V exemplifies that a lot more than Fawkes ever did.

I literally cannot understand why people would be angry about the occupy protests. Maybe that’s just me being closed minded but please, tell me why should you give any fucks at all if a group of people are doing everything that they can to *gasp* make the world a better place. You can disagree with how they are doing it, that’s fine. In fact, it’s encouraged. Every single night at 7 your local occupy is having a General Assembly that you can go and direct the movement exactly where you think it needs to go. This is a movement by the populists. THAT INVOLVES YOU. 

So stop fucking hating on things. I obviously believe in this cause enough to spend 17 hours in a cold jail cell. If that isn’t good enough for you then it is your problem. 

The Changes I Want To Make In OccupyChicago:

This movement is a revolution. Not a reform, not a gentle push to a new amendment. For a revolution to happen, people’s lives need to drastically change. This is where I think Occupy Chicago has fallen a little short of its goals. From the time that I have spent there and at our general assemblies, it seems to me that people are still timid of having our lives changed. For this tyrannical system to be taken down, people will need to fall. People will need to be arrested. The system will need to be challenged to the point of breaking.

We need a new game plan. Something that is going to actually shake these people’s shit up. Nonviolent protest really only works if something great is threatened. Nothing is being threatened in these protests yet. 

We need organization. This is something that every person at Occupy will tell you. The committee system is a great idea in theory, but there is no way to break up and talk about issues as a committee because the committees don’t exist outside of a list of names in a computer. An organized group that can create and address actual issues at the GA’s would further our cause tenfold.

Which brings me to my next point, the GAs. This is something that I feel people recognize as an issue as well. Saturday night, I was filled with inspiration and hope for America’s future as a large group of Chicagoins gathered and successfully voted on the movement’s grievances one after the other. We made progress in our statement and did it with precision and efficiency even through a little bizarre conflict. Sunday night however, I brought friends along to see this incredible spectacle of democracy. The GA spent the entire hour and a half cycling people to talk about how the GAs weren’t efficient or to remind us to keep warm and where the gloves and hats were. It was pointless, inefficient and unorganized. There needs to be actual statement being made by the group regarding our mission. Hell, I would like to know what our mission is. I feel that this inefficiency is partly because we do not want to state what is at risk and how much actually needs to be changed for our movement to be successful. To that, I say nut up America. This is our responsibility to the people. Radical change needs to be made, and quick. Either we can do it with organization and clarity, or the riot that springs up from G8 in march can do it with force and anger. It’s your call.

Since I am an active member in OccupyChicago, I recognize that it is just as much my fault as anybody else’s that these problems have arisen and I will be doing everything that I can to make these changes.