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My thoughts on Walking Dead tonight.

  • Holy shit. The ending. Dexter writers take notes, this is how you do a twist.
  • I’m totally team Rick. Shane is an asshole, he is reckless and he’s going to end up shooting somebody again or doing something violent. He killed Otis and now he’s killed the entire family of the people that have been providing them shelter, food and water.
  • I love the idea of holding on to loved ones that are zombies in hopes of finding a cure. I actually have talked extensively about making a short about that with Ali. It’s a facet of zombies that nobody has done before and although I will lose originality points if I end up making that short, I’m really glad that Walking Dead did it so perfectly.
  • They have left so many loose ends that they could randomly bring into any episode and completely change the direction of an entire season. The family from episode one, Merle Dixon. I would love to see either of them make a return this season. Especially since the black guy possibly killed his wife. He would have a lot to say about the moral dilemma going on with the barn walkers.